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Know FreeCell solitaire to enjoy the game to the fullest

Solitaire is a term that reminds of only two words that are entertainment and fun. Varied versions of solitaire game have seen a bright success. FreeCell Solitaire is one among the popular versions of this intense card game. The main of the game is to settle all cards in each suit of the stacks in ascending order.

Stacks of cards having different colors are built in the bottom half in decreasing series as an intermediary step. In Free Cell Solitaire, the player comes to know the position of the cards in the deck in the beginning if the game. Now, your win is more based on strategy than luck.

There are three areas of the screen:

Building stacks: The building stacks are located in the foot of the display. The contents of the complete deck placed in the building stacks. All cards can be seen on the building stacks but you can move only the top card.

Free Cells-The free cells are situated in the upper left corner and are temporary storage area for a card placed in the building stacks. Only one card can be placed in a free cell.

Suit stacks: The suit stacks can be found in the upper right corner. When the game starts, they are usually empty.

With the above info on FreeCell solitaire, you are ready to take up the card challenge.