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Performing Gambling Rituals

Rituals are actions made by man if they want to achieve something. An act which they believe to be powerful that can grant them of their wishes. Sometimes these are ceremonies or offering to their God. These are the old days, some rituals disappeared but some remained.

There are gamblers who perform such rituals first before going to the casino. They are the believers of omen, karma and luck. These are gamblers who believed that they can win because they are lucky or that they are surrounded with positive energy.

Some rituals are bizarre and some are simple rituals. For many years that gambling is present rituals are also present. Going around the casino you may observe simple gesture or actions of their everyday rituals.

Before gamblers go to the casino the rituals usually begins at home. There is a certain kind of luck to wear their "lucky clothes" or "lucky jewelry". There are even lucky shoes and lucky underwear.

Some gambler acquire their "lucky clothes" from experience. Once there was a gambler who shared her experience that every time she wore this one dress and go to a casino she would always win. This how it all begun for her.

Others may have different stories to where and how they get their "lucky thing". Whatever it is is surely help them convinced themselves that they will win tonight.

Others read their horoscope. To know their lucky color or number for the day. These are people who believe in astrological phenomenon that their destiny to win is written in the stars.

Some of them when going to the casino never forget to bring their "lucky charm". They believe that their lucky charm can bring them good fortune.

Lucky charms comes in different forms, these are trolls, wishniks, dolls, stuffed animals, toys or anything item that considered as lucky charm and as long as they can carry inside the casino.

Some toss a coin first on the wishing well before gambling and hope to win a big amount tonight while others pray before they gamble.

Sometimes you will see a person blowing one's hand before tossing the dice at the roulette or kissing a token before they insert into the slot machine. These are rituals, hopeful actions to give them a feeling of positivity.

Some beg while waiting for the result on the roulette like saying "please, please..." all over again or "let me win...",

There are different approach to rituals. There are different ways to make a lucky gesture. There are different reasons for bringing different lucky charms. It all depends on you. No matter where you get or where you learn your ritual the important thing is that you have a positive outlook in your gambling.